One of the most popular questions we receive here at Madison Classic Limo Service is:
"How did you build these cars?"

The fact is that these vehicles were actually built like this during the 1950’s - minus the 500 hp motors and updated interiors! 

As the story goes, Stageway Corp. in Ft. Smith, Arkansas would take your factory built four door vehicles and convert them into an eight door limousine. 

Each vehicle was cut in half and the middle sections were added along with the extra bench seats, roof racks and a host of mechanical upgrades.  Most came with an inline six cylinder engine with a three speed manual transmission. 

The actual production figures vary from source to source, but we do know that these vehicles are quite rare and that many were used as airport shuttles or personnel carriers for the military.

There are even pictures of President Eisenhower riding in the back of a 1955 Chevrolet limousine during a parade!

These cars were custom built at our shop - each taking about one year to complete. In each case the entire car was stripped down to bare metal and built from the ground up using modern techniques. These cars have participated in dozens of parades, weddings and car shows.




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